I’m a glutton for punishment - actually, I really did enjoy doing the Migration… well, there has just been a nice Fly-In in Sedona last weekend, so why not have one on the right coast?

When: October 24th through the 26th.
Where: The Island of MarthaÂ’s Vineyard.
Exactly Where: The Colonial Inn, in Edgartown.
WhatÂ’s up: A late fall weekend for COPA members - including SOCIAL and EDUCATIONAL opportunities!

With all the things to do on the Vineyard, I think an unstructured weekend is best.

Basically I am organizing a group dinner on Saturday, a discounted hotel package at a traditional Inn, in downtown Edgartown and a weather seminar presented by Scott Dennstaedt (see below).

While on the Vineyard for the weekend, some of the activities that are available are…

  • fine restaurants in town at all price levels,
  • a working fishing town, Menemsha, which is a great place for a fresh seafood lunch amongst the fishing boats and shacks there,
  • the peak of the birding migration will bring great bird watching opportunities,
  • assorted art galleries offering both local and off Island artists abound,
  • one of the finest working wooden boat ports in America, West Tisbury, is a neighboring town.

Chartering a fishing boat or a sailboat is easy, even kayak rentals are there, or one of my favorite things to do is to drive around the Island and enjoy the terrific scenery presented by the different towns.

I have reserved a small block of rooms at the Colonial Inn. Their web site is here . COPA members should make their arrangements directly with the hotel. Room prices range from a couple of singles at $115 up to larger rooms between $145 and $195 and more for harbor view suites with a fireplace. Breakfast is included.

Scott will be offering a weather seminar for us Saturday and Sunday mornings, three hours each day - registration is required - please look at the Marketplace for details.

MVY is a municipally run airport, and as such there is no FBO. There are no public hangars, there are a couple of private ones, but they will be expensive. I have made arrangements for a private parking area for us. The airport will waive usage fees with a minimum 10-gallon fuel purchase. More arrival-airport information will follow.

Martha’s Vineyard is a well-known resort area, and even though we will be arriving at the “shoulder season” things can be expensive there, so please plan accordingly. As a part time resident on the Vineyard, and an avid birder, I will try to bring some “local knowledge” to this weekend for us.

Myron G SR22 (Cent.) #657

Boy what a great idea. I’ve flown into the Vineyard countless times and it’s a great destination. I hope I can make it.


The Martha’s Vineyard event conveniently coincides with Parent’s Weekend at my daughter’s school in Marion, MA. I’ll try to be there, if for nothing else than dinner with the crew and Scott’s WX seminar. Thanks for setting it up.

Jeffrey Cardenas

I would love to meet you there. After exchanging emails, it would be cool to finally meet.

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I would love to meet you there. After exchanging emails, it would be cool to finally meet.


Between our brief exchanges and considering how Mike R. has spoken so highly of you, it would indeed be terrific to meet you. I’ll endeavor to make it to the event.