COPA has Clout

When I purchased my SR22 in January, I had no idea what COPA was or how it might benefit me. After five months, I am convinced that my COPA membership is one of the most important facets of the ownership of this airplane. The Member Forum has helped me resolve many critical issues that would otherwise have left me grounded. When I needed COPA intervention to contact Cirrus Design on my behalf, it was done without hesitation. Any pilot with any interest in Cirrus, or for that matter aviation safety in general, is doing themselves a disservice by not participating fully by joining COPA. Thanks Mike Radomsky and the COPA board for being our advocates.
Jeffrey Cardenas

Well Said!

The other big advantage is that while Cirrus Aircraft may be common in the US now [;)] if you own one in a different time zone or a remote International country (like the UK), then COPA is almost the only way to share the expertise around.