Cooking Class Option - Friday Afternoon

Posting for my wife Jen:

Hello COPA Migration friends and fellow Partners-in-Command!

After the Friday morning partner-in-command session that ends at 11am, I found a fun option in Jacksonville I’d like to tell you about and invite you to join me. There’s a hands-on cooking class creating small seafood plates at the Jax Cooking Studio from 2:30 to 5 for $75 with about 13 spots available. I’ve corresponded with the head of Jax and she noted all recipes are included, the class is a great way to learn about local ingredients and share some fun (and delicious) bites together with complimentary wine served while we cook.

If you would like to join me, you can sign up for the class Seafood Small Plates with this link. I put ‘COPA Migration’ as the company name, and if you include my name as a fellow attendee (Jennifer Segal) we will be placed at nearby cooking stations.

I’ve not yet determined the best way to get to and from Jacksonville as I wanted to see how many of you would like to attend first. If you do sign up, would you mind either texting or emailing me so we can coordinate transportation together?

Thanks so much from one foodie to another!!

Jen Segal

(415) 215-9165 (text/cell)


Update : We have a rental car with three available seats for the trek to Jax Cooking School. Text Jen (415-672-4631) if interested…