Clyde descends upon our shores again

Just learned the other day that our Magnificent Webmaster from Down Under will visit us again in early April. Accordingly we will have yet ANOTHER group fly-in. Do we need to get jobs, or what?

Coming as it does only a few weeks after the SBP gathering, this one is I guess for those hardcore among us who never get tired of seeing bands of Cirri and trading flying lore and good fellowship over food containing ample amounts of salt, grease, and/or sugar (aka, pilot health food). This will be a repeat engagement at Santa Barbara:

Sunday April 8

Elephant Bar Restaurant

12:00 or 12:30 (to be determined)

Park at Signature Flight Support’s transient parking area on the northeast side of the field; this time they will have a separate parking area for the Cirri (and maybe even TWO 260se/stols).

Please RSVP to me by e-mail: so I can inform the restaurant and FBO of the number of attendees & aircraft.