Citation Mustang Partner Wanted Phoenix

Moving from SETP to a Mustang but need a partner to do so. Preferably based at KSDL or KDVT but would be open to all options in the Phoenix area. Would also consider a CJ or TBM partnership. 3000 hour pilot with Mustang type rating. Please contact me via email or call (602)359-5218.


Casey Lenox

I would consider dry leasing you some time, but I’m at Pegasus Airpark which is about as far away as you can get from DVT or SDL. [:P]. Might be easier to find a plane to lease in Las Vegas. haha

Hi again Joe and thanks for the generous offer! Let me give it some thought and maybe we should talk again. To set up and pay for the insurance and also only be getting a few hours would be the downsides possibly. Not so much from the financial end but mostly from the currency end. And yes it would probably take me longer to drive to Pegasus than to fly to Colorado! :slight_smile:

Really appreciate the offer!

Thanks, Casey

Hey Casey,

Brian Mackin may be able to help, here’s his cell 480-363-0058.

My mistake for not initially stating that I already have a broker so am not interested in broker replies.

I am looking for a pilot that is serious about wanting to own a Mustang with cash in hand and with either their C510SE type rating or planning on obtaining one soon that wish to have 50% access to a Citation Mustang in the Phoenix area. I am ready to sign a deal today should a partner be found.



Casey my 510 is SDL based, and coming to market soon. It’s at about 1,710 hours and not on programs, so it will be one of the least expensive on the market. My current thinking is that I will do the engines at 1,750 and sell, but I’d sell now, too. It’s a 2010 high sierra with no stories. It’s on Cescom.

Hi Jason and thanks for the reply. I am not able to absorb a large outlay of cash if necessary for a major issue so not looking at any planes off programs. I appreciate that if you put the cash away that would have gone into programs from the beginning you would likely be better off so guessing that’s what you did. No doubt the ones off programs are several hundred thousand less so understand that value. Final line is I need a partner to make financial sense of it anyway.



What are you moving to? M2?

Looked at the M2, but it just doesn’t do enough more than the Mustang. Phenom 300 if I can find the right one.

Jason, PM me a price on your Mustang. I might know a guy. FYI, hot sections ran about $210k for my plane last year (for both engines).

Agreed, the few hundred extra nm of the M2 is not that exciting. And you get a stick between your legs…

I spent the last four months shopping the P300 market, got a good handle on all planes currently listed. Can’t believe there are more Legacy’s for sale than P300s! Found a seller in Europe willing to play ball, will ferry home early August. Hoping this will be my “forever” plane (or until I get tired of the fuel burn). Let me know if you want a download on my research.

So half of what PA+ would have charged?

Yes, Jake, but remember, the additional money you are paying in goes towards overhauls. If not on the program, you pay the $210k hot section and still end up paying for the overhaul. There are no free lunches. Pratt or Williams makes sure of that. Just ask someone who did an overhaul that wasn’t on the programs.

Why are hot sections so much more on a small tfan than a large tprop? My hot section was about 25% of what one engine on your was and that is a higher power engine.

The main reason is the burner cans are not making it to overhaul as they were supposed to. So that is the majority of the money. Of course, Pratt is saying that they are only charging you half price since it didn’t make it to 3500 hours. The problem with the 1/2 price number is how do you know you really paid half price?! Nothing to gauge it against. [:@]. This is definitely a sore subject with Mustang owners. We were all sold that hot sections would be $25-40k a side originally.

Got it…so not a typical situation. I assume planes on the programs are covered?

Yes. No effect to people on programs. I’m on the programs, so I didn’t get the bill other than to look at it. I figure I will stay on the program through the first overhaul at 3500 hours (currently at 1900 hours) and then I will go bare after that since I highly doubt I will ever see 6000 more hours of flight in my lifetime.


PM your price and Joe and I can make a side bet as to who sells your Pony first! This guy has been drooling all over mine!

Thx. Tom Hoag 719-499-5555