Cirrus SR20 Lubrication Chart

Can anyone help me with Lubrication chart for Cirrus SR20 aircraft with the type fluid requirement please.

This is for different maintenance schedule i.e. 50, 100, 200 etc.

Many thanks

Who is your service center

RGV, Gloucestershire airport, UK

Do they not have access to the service publications as a Service Center?

Sure they do, as they are probably the largest light aircraft (specifically Cirrus) maintenance in UK if not in Europe. And they are excellent at what they do.

What I do need is a copy of the maintenance pages. I Lubricate our aircraft every month (i.e. Flap, rudder, door hinges, elevator (but not the Aileron cartridges)), so I need to make sure the fluid used for different parts are is in accordance with the maintenance manual.

I guess I can ask the maintenance next time I visit them, but I would have liked the information before than, besides there is no guarantee that they would release the information.

They will release the lubrication schedule. If they do not, then email me and I’ll get you the relevant info.

ok, thanks.