Cirrus Parts online

Hi all

Being trying to find specifics cirrus parts for my SR 22. Is there anyone selling them online, or a good contact in Florida?

I am looking for the OEM throtle lever, avidyne buttons, tow bar and painel parts. When talking to spruce, they keep asking about part number, which is hard to find.



As far as I know, you have to buy all Cirrus specific parts through a Cirrus Service Center or through API (, unless you are talking about used or salvage parts. Now that Avidyne is no longer a direct supplier to Cirrus, perhaps you can get buttons from them. And there are plenty of third party / aftermarket tow bars that will work. But for the OEM throttle lever and panel parts, I bet you’ll need to go through API or a service center.

Lots of parts discussion, in general, on the member’s side…

Thanks, I will contact api to see if they can help. Best,


Denver Air Support out of Centennial Airport stocks all the common rotables, Alt 1 & 2, Fuel Boost Pumps, Mags, MCUs, etc. Call me with with what you’re looking and I’ll look up the part numbers in the IPC for you.

Bill Wilkening