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I need some advice from some Cirrus owners. I have considered buying a Cirrus but a call to a Cirrus Service Center has me concerned. They said that there are many new Service Bulletins to contend with and that parts shipments are slow causing a lot of downtime. Please advise, I would love to buy a Cirrus but was told to stick with my current brand. Thank you

Which service center said this, please?

If you are “Cirrus Serious”, I would suggest you do what I did: make the modest investment required and join COPA. You may then review the many posts of the members only side. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge on those boards. Take the time to study them and learn from those that are currently driving the Cirrus brand. Buying a Cirrus outright (or even a fractional Cirrus like me) is a HUGE investment. One should avail him or herself to every data source. The problem with your question (IMO) is that it doesn’t go to the heart of why one would buy a Cirrus. There is simply NOTHING like it on the market. You do not say what your “current brand” is. But unless you own a Columbia 350, or the like, you are flying something from the (figurative) stone age.

My other suggestion is go find a Cirrus to fly. If you are a serious customer, there is a local rep that would take you up in a heartbeat. I guarantee “love at first flight”.


I am not a fan of Cirrus, but my only complaint about service is that there are not enough service centers. My service center is a 45 minute flight and a 2.5 hour drive from my home base and they are so busy that it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get an appointment.

I have owned a Cirrus for 1 year now. I make a quarterly visit to my Service center, normally fo a oil change. Two weeks before the visit I review the SB’s needed for my plane (most of which require no special order parts) and I make sure the SC orders them. I always give the SC a list of what I want done when I drop off the plane and we communicate in advance so I do not have any surprises.

I have had 250 hours of trouble free flying and no downtime.

Once I start doing my own oil changes I hope to cut my SC trips down to 2 a year. Annual and six months for any SB’s and issues.


Keep in mind, too, that the vast majority of SBs issued are not anywhere near “critical” to flight safety. So, most of them can be accomplished at your convencience.

Legally, only ADs must be performed within a specified time, and there have only been a couple of ADs; much fewer than, say, the Cessna line when they started making them again in the mid-90s.

Of course, some SBs are desirable to have done right away, even if not legally required. But personally, I’ve only had a very few SBs which I had to wait for parts for, and even fewer of those (maybe one total?) whose completion could be considered necessary before further flight.


Jim, I would not be comfortable giving their name. Please know that I’m very excited about buying a Cirrus and I would like your views on my question.
Thank you


The answer cannot and should not be given by one or two persons.
Better to join COPA; read the Members Forum, and learn what real owners, with real problems or praises have to say. You will see their concerns and their solutions. An opinion on this side of the forum would either be boasting or bitching. Read the reality in the Members Forum.

P.S. you are less likely to be called a troll if you post your name and a little bit about yourself in the bio section.
In this forum, as with our aircraft credability is everything.

All planes have SB’s. The newer the plane, the fewer they usually are. Most of the Cirrus SB"s are minor but enhance the operation of the plane to some degree. I think this should not be a road block to buying a Cirrus.
I take it you are not looking at a brand new plane. There have been no problems with getting SB’s done on my SR22 of 6 months vintage. Parts are not an issue at all.
Suggest you join COPA and seek out other service centers for advice as well.


great way of recruiting new members !!!

No…no troll, just an interested potential Cirrus owner. I apologize if my question came off wrong. I don’t know how to better ask it. Just looking for some guidance.

Thank you Clif. I did get to fly an SR22 and fell in love. I appreciate your thoughtful response.

Sprinter: Perhaps if you included an email address, it would be less likely that you would be branded a troll.

In the event your questions is bona fide, I will take a shot. There are frequently service bulletins, but I cannot accurately judge the number is on the high or low side of average. My previous plane was a Cessna 172, which I owned for about 10 years. I noticed that it’s SBs were issued in spurts and if any plane’s systems are simple and should have had the bugs worked out it is that one.

At times, Cirrus Design has been aggressive in releasing the SBs that parts are not immediately available to all who may want the SB addressed at once. I personally think it is in part because some SCs immediately order the number of kits to address all the Cirruses that they normally take care of even though some of them may not be brought in for service for months.

I for one have never had a problem, but then, since I am a recreational flyer, without a SC on the field, I am not usually on of the first to try to get the SB addressed. Typically I call in advance and ask them to let me know when they get the parts.

In 350 hours in over almost two years of ownership, I have had only one flight delayed for mechanical reasons and that was a training flight due to clogged fuel injectors. YMMV.

I know you will enjoy the plane.


I would like to thank everyone for their courteous replies to my question. It seems from that input that the owners are well satisfied. I will pursue a purchase based on that and other recommendations I’ve received. Oh yes, I will join COPA.
Thank you