Cirrus Q&A Sessions at Oshkosh

I’ve been dealing with various Oshkosh potentates, because I’m going to make a speech there myself (Sunday afternoon) and do some book signing sessions. I am also going to emcee a session between Bruce Holmes and Burt Rutan, in their ongoing “life after airlines” debate series. This is on Saturday morning.

HOWEVER, and this is my reason for writing, I’ve also learned of Oshkosh news of broader interest to All Cirrusdom:

On Thursday, July 26, and Saturday, July 28, both times at 2pm, Alan Klapmeier and Ian Bentley will be holding live Q&A sessions for customers, position holders, wannabes, the curious, etc. These will be at the Cirrus booth. Check it out.

(I won’t be there in time for the Thursday one but will plan to see the Saturday one.)