Cirrus Flying Clubs

Does anyone have a good resource to find two things:

  1. Flying Club in Kansas City (club that owns their own aircraft)?

  2. Flying Club that has Cirrus Aircraft (SR-22)?

Matt, I am based in Kansas City. Emailing you my phone # to chat.

Matt, not in KC but our (new to us) flying club owned SR22 is actually arriving today.

Happy to talk about how we got here if it would help.

great club

Matt, there is a club at Lee Summit that has I think an Archer, an Arrow, and a C172. Downtown has another club that has a C172 and a really nice Arrow. No Cirrus though. Go to the FBO, there should be flyers around. I have talked to some of the members at Downtown and they have a good active club with wells obtained planes.

I am also interested in a Cirrus Flying Club in Kansas City. Please let me know if you have any information.