Cirrus Design Press Release

For Immediate Release

Cirrus Design Receives FAA Production Certificate for its SR20

Minnesota-based Company Delivers 39th SR20

Duluth, Minn. ? June 12, 2000 ? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

today presented Cirrus Design with a Production Certificate for its Cirrus

SR20. A Production Certificate allows Cirrus to independently inspect each

aircraft on the production line without direct oversight by the FAA.

?This clearly establishes Cirrus as a legitimate aircraft manufacturing

company with maturing operations, procedures and a high-quality aircraft,?

said Michael Gallagher, manager of the FAA Small Aircraft Directorate in

Kansas City.

Gallagher and Andy Lown, manager of the FAA Manufacturing Inspection

District Office in Minneapolis, also gave certificates to four Cirrus

employees recognizing them as Designated Manufacturing Inspection

Representatives (DMIR). At today?s ceremony, Jeff Holter, one of the newly

certified DMIR?s, was the first Cirrus employee to award a Certificate of

Airworthiness for an SR20, the 39th aircraft to come off the line since

deliveries of the SR20 began last July.

Ron Gansior, Cirrus vice president of quality assurance said, ?We have been

using the FAA-approved quality assurance manual since January, so this will

not immediately speed up production. But it is a big step towards reaching

our goal of one airplane every business day later this year.?

Cirrus delivered seven airplanes in May. To ramp up to the one-a-day rate,

Cirrus has been adding more tooling and hiring additional employees. One

fourth of the company?s 539-member workforce has been hired since November.

Cirrus currently has 597 orders for its SR20.

Cirrus Design Corporation is based in Duluth, Minn. The company designs,

manufactures and markets general aviation composite aircraft, incorporating

advanced technologies that result in high levels of performance, comfort and