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Cirrus Design Corporation

	Cirrus Delivers its 100th SR20

Production Certificate for SR22 Received

Duluth, Minn. - December 18, 2000 - David Shepard has picked up his new

airplane, the 100th SR20 since deliveries began last year. Shepard received

the keys from company officials at a ceremony today.

“I can hardly describe what this moment means to me,” says Shepard, a

Madison, Wisc., retailer. "The dedicated employees at Cirrus should be

recognized for their hard work and craftsmanship."

The SR20 is a four-place, single-engine aircraft that cruises at 160 knots.

"What excited me about the SR20 over the competition was the new technology,

comfort and speed," said Shepard. "I’m looking forward to the situational

awareness that only the SR20 delivers."

The SR20 is the first of two Cirrus models currently in production. The

second model, the newly certified SR22, is expected to join the fleet in

January, when first customer deliveries are scheduled to begin. Paving the

way this week, Cirrus received an amendment to its production certificate,

which authorizes company inspectors to issue certificates of airworthiness

for the SR22. Cirrus inspectors have been issuing airworthiness

certificates for the SR20 since June of this year.

The 100th delivery and airworthiness certificate authority are important

milestones for Cirrus, but there are many more to come. "We plan to produce

more than 300 airplanes in 2001," said Alan Klapmeier, Cirrus president and

CEO. "By the end of next year, we will be building an equal number of 20s

and 22s." The backlog for both models has now grown to over 640 aircraft,

including 450 SR20s and 192 SR22s.

One critical ingredient for meeting production goals is incorporating

product and manufacturing improvements into the assembly process. A new

wing torque box tool, which will be capable of producing wings for both the

SR20 and the SR22, will be in place in January. A new structural adhesive,

which reduces the cure time by half, and a new bonding preparation technique

will improve production rates.

Cirrus Design Corporation is based in Duluth, Minn. The company designs,

manufactures and markets general aviation composite aircraft, incorporating

advanced technologies that result in high levels of performance, comfort and


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