Charlottesville, Virginia: Where can I test fly an sr20?

I’m trying to figure out which platform to choose for my first plane and it is between the da40 and sr20. I’ve flown a da40 but never a cirrus… And in particular, an sr20. Where in Va can I go? Thanks! MJP

ps I have 180 hours and an instrument rating… So not looking for initial flight training… Just to see which I should be shopping for.

There is one on the line at FDK which is a pretty short flight from CHO.

That one on the line at FDK is our very own Jeff Bassett’s plane.


Lets get together, you can fly my plane. N874T - 2009 SR20 - Perspective is online at Frederick Flight School at Frederick.

I would be happy to sit and chat, go for a flight, get some lunch - etc - call me - anytime you want to get together - I am always looking for an excuse to fly -


Cell 240-388-7148

I will take you up in my 22 if you like. I’m in Lynchburg.

Thanks! Will follow up with everyone. Apologies… I did not realize I received any replies. :slight_smile:

Hope all else is well!