I just found out that Cirrus has sold all of the Centennials. I purchased mine last week and it was rite under the wire. They sold out soon after that. They have really been a hot item recently. As long as the pre buy goes well on my SR20 . Which I am sure it will. Don

I guess my pessimism about what will happen to all of us, and Cirrus in particular, when the insurance rates go up is unfounded! Cirrus is doing much better this year than I realized if they could sell out the centennial edition that fast.
Just my taste, but I did not even like the look of that plane compared to the “regular” edition. Yet, they sold them out in only a few months! AMAZING.
For now, I will stop my worry about the “plight” of general aviation as it sure seems like things are very much alive and well!

Yes that was my thoughts. I am not sure I like the looks better than the normal 22 but I do like having things a little differant. I like a lot of the other features they have done to the Centennial. Like the engine but you can order that on the other 22 airplanes but the end cost is more than the Centennial. I also like having a limited addition. And I get new leather and Model of my plane. I am glad Cirrus is doing well and GA in general. Don

The first ones I saw in DLH were at dusk and I just didn’t like the color compared to the usual white. In bright sunshine they look much better to my taste.

In the end, I still like the White with Red stripes best :slight_smile:

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I still like the White with Red stripes best.


Is yours the Canyon Red color?

  • Mike.

I think that the “canyon red” was a darker red–almost burgundy–compared to the current striping which is really bright red (this would be my choice–I really like it). In fact, I think I would call the current color something like, “Arrest-Me-Red.” [:)]

Cardinal red for me.