Centennial Edition Cirrus

I’ve seen a lot of Centennial Edition cirrus’s for sale recently. They all seem to be listed below price in comparison to similar year engine time Cirrus that do not have the same features.

Is there anything with this Edition that is not favorable? Thanks.

Exterior color? I don’t know just asking.

The exterior and interior colors are not the most appealing. I was just curious if there is another reason why there are so many centennial’s for sale and why their price seems to be lower than other models.

Most are due for a 13k CAPS repack right about now. Most other G1’s have the repack done.

In its day, the Centennial Edition was a premium limited edition. It included nearly all of the options, but you could get those options by configuring a non-Centennial model too. The differences that were exclusive to the Centennial were cosmetic – exterior and interior colors, appointments like leather yoke grips, etc. Therefore, I imagine a Centennial would be worth more or less in the marketplace depending on how the exclusive cosmetic differences are perceived as attractive or unattractive by buyers.

I’ve got a Centennial Edition. I love it…not sure why it would be worth less than a regular G1.

I assumed you realize there were not that many made…