Caribbean Flight


Im thinking of renting c172 to fly south until St Maarten in March or April.

I wonder if there is any cirrus owner, willing to do a trip like this, i would pay fuel and landing fees.

Would be a plus instead of a c172

Let me know guys


Help me out here to understand your question.

. Why would you want to rent a Cessna 172 to do that trip?

and why, in particular, would you want a “Cirrus owner” to join you?

Or is it that you want to "charter a plane and pilot?

I will translate for you Dennis.

Senor Silva thinks it might be nice to fly a small plane to St Maarten in the next few months.

He is thinking of renting a C172 as it is a fairly common rental aircraft that he is likely qualified to fly.

It seems he was wondering if there might be a Cirrus owner/pilot who might like to fly their own Cirrus down instead as it might be more enjoyable.

Mr Silva has offered to help with costs, perhaps pay for fuel and landing fees.

And yes, he likely does not know about the implications of accepting more than an equal share of the direct expenses on a flight that his carriage is not incidental to the operator’s own interest in flying there anyways.

Hope this is as helpful to you Counsellor, as your response was to Mr. Silva.[;)]

Hi again, and thank you for the advice, so to be legaly i basicly i can say that i would share costs and not all the expenses, for someone that is already on their way in that time of the year.

What i meant initialy was that, im going to rent a 172 with a friend to make this flight, but if someone wants to share a flight on their cirrus, it would be better, its a faster way and still enjoyable way to get there.

Thank you

OK. I’ve got it now, and yes, you are correct . . . now.

But . . . you might want to spring for membership and post it on the members forum as very few read the public side and there are thousands of posts every week on the member side.