Cirrus BRS and CAPS

At the risk of prolonging the discussion of the CAPS issue. As I read it, BRS, while pulling the handle on a CAPS being tested in a Cessna 172 probably for the umpteenth time (for a part that is intended to be used only once) had a failure. Realizing that this is the same or similar setup as used in the SR2x notified Cirrus that on the 97th pull (artistic license) the cable clamp slipped and this could cause a problem in a Cirrus should CAPS activation be required.

CD notified the FAA, every customer, engineered a fix, wrote the procedure to effect the fix, had it approved by the FAA, shipped the parts free of charge to every affected owner (plus or minus a few), and made amends to their disgruntled newest customer in less than a week Also, they authorized warranty work at any repair facility, not just “authorized service centers”.

Bravo CD!! Job well done.

I agree that Cirrus’s handling of this situation is exemplary. But I’ve seen nothing to suggest anything about the odds of deployment failure before the SB. Just there is a possibility. Not large, not small. Unknown to us.