buy new cirrus sr-22 XI build aircraft few month

me will buy new Order cirrus SR-22 XI Build Aircraft Longer Few Month Wait Pick Up New Aircraft Will Delivery Home Airport

I’m not sure exactly what this means, but this post sets the record for something. [8-)]

Are you saying it’s a “game changer?”

The chain must be a bit of hidden humor. Otherwise Im deeply scared for the success of occupy wall street.

Sure sounds like me trying to write in English 15 years ago…

Try “Google Translate”

No, no, no, use the Snoop Dog translator!

** mizzle wizzle buy nizzle Ordizzle cizzle SR-22 XI Buizzle Aizzle
Longizzle Fizzle Month Wizzle Pizzle Up Nizzle Aizzle Wizzle Dizzle Homizzle Aizzle**

That’s easy for you to say!

Welcome Luis and WE hope you enjoy your plane.

Your profile indicates:

“I am Deaf No Hearing”

Are you planning to fly it with a hearing co-pilot?

That’s along the lines of what I was thinking. Glad we’re a kinder gentler COPA these days. [:P]

Welcome, Luis!

Are we getting punk’d by Dick Collins again!? [:)]

Congratulations Louis, and welcome on COPA!

When in doubt take the “high road” always better to be graciously “punk’d” … I figure :slight_smile:

Order New SR22T XI Build Aircraft Longer Few Business Month in Duluth, MN

One take I had on the post is that he was offering a service to buy a plane and deliver it to others. That’s the way I read it.

Maybe he’s just trying to get directions to M10!

Game changers are periodic? Fourier was way ahead of his time!