Busy forums!

I have been “on the road” (mostly at 8 or 9 thousand feet) for the last week or so… finally getting back to the forum now. I missed about 140 posts here, and about 800 posts on the Members forum. These are busy boards!

Interesting to note that we’re about to see an interesting moment in the evolution of these forums - the number of Member posts is poised to overtake the number of Public posts. This will be public post # 19,176; there were 19,098 Member posts a minute ago. Not too long ago, there were 18,000 Public posts on the same night as the Members forum hit 13,000. (This fact, and a token, will get you a ride on the NY Subway). [;)]

  • Mike.

Welcome back.
I was just thinking how much I missed your postings, attributing the fact to your newly annointed position. A bit like Walt C. who unfortunately dissapeared from public view.
Glad to see that only the need for altitude was to blame, and we can all understand taht. Just a bit jealous…