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Briteline B7 Flight Bag

It would be real nice if someone from COPA could negotiate a discount with Briteline Bags. They offer some of the most utilitarian and flexible flight bags at a fairly premium price. Briteline Bags offers organizational discount codes. Its probably just a matter of asking for it…

Here’s a video if you happen to be unfamiliar with the brand or their products.

I’ve had one of these bags, the first generation, for a few years now - love it!!

How about letting them do a COPA logo bag and set a volume discount is so many some with a little $ to safety ?

The Idea is a good one; however, I think adding the Cirrus logo and handling of orders with probably make the bags more expensive than purchasing direct from the Briteline website. Most things with a Cirrus logo seem to magically increase in price for some reason.

I know this is not The Marketplace, but I just got a new Brightline bag as a gift and have a pristine first generation Brightline for sale First $40 takes it! 602-920-5400.

I’ve struggled with bags large enough to carry all my stuff, without becoming so heavy they are a pain to carry. The best compromise I’ve found so far is a rolling backpack made by Leads/Neotec. Best price I found on the internet is $97.19, or $115.37 with a logo.

Usually I just carry my flying essentials and a small ditty bag, but it can be stuffed enough to act as an overnight bag. When lightly loaded it can be hand carried, and when heavily loaded it can be worn as a backpack or rolled like a small carry on. The backpack straps can be left available, or stored in a zippered slot on the back.

These bags are very high quality. However, for me the Brightline Bags present a frustrating contradiction.

  • They have many, many compartments, so they lend themselves to a super-organized “everything in its place” kind of usage.
  • They are super-reconfigurable, so you can change around all those compartments to fit the needs of today’s trip.
  • If you frequently reconfigure them, you don’t develop familiarity with what is where. It can be frustrating to find something.
  • If you never reconfigure them, you can find where you put stuff but you don’t need the reconfiguration capability.
    A very good friend of mine – now deceased – gave me a set that included every component Brightline made. I really wanted to like it. After my friend passed away, I sold it all. My buddy would have expected no less of me.

I concluded it takes a different mindset than mine to appreciate these bags. I guess if you figured out the precise components that work for you and never change your configuration, it is good.

Hi James,

All valid points on one hand… Perspective can make the very same tool look like a shield or a sword in the eyes of the beholder.

The Intent of the post wasn’t necessarily to seek opinions or critiques of a product as much as it was to suggest Briteline be considered for addition to the COPA discount program and raise that specific issue.

I think the modularity, scability for “your own” mission and flexibility attributes are positives and make Briteline unique to in aviation. I fly my own plane as well as Civil Air Patrol missions, so this works for me. I fly with fewer items when on a personal flight and fly with much more when I fly with CAP. My current flight bag has at least seven compartments and I know what is in each. At least Briteline color codes the zipper pulls for rapid identification of compartments. IMHO.

Very true Don. I meant to convey that the problem was me, not the bags. Sorry if that message got lost.

These are really great bags. I thought it would be helpful for COPAns to try to envision how they might be used day-to-day.

Hi James,

It was probably missed on me, sorry. You are active, knowledgeable and valuable to the COPA community. I am sorry if I seemed to suggest otherwise.

I had the original version and it had a tear develop after a few years on an outside pocket. I told the company at Sun n Fun and they offered to replace it with one of their few remaining old versions for free or give full credit on a new version bag. The bag was out of warranty and the offer was above what I had expected. The new version is holding up great. It holds so many things in an organized fashion my wife always asks me what is in that thing when she picks it up.

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That sounds like amazing customer support! I was once told, “its better to have and not need, than need and not have”. Thats been proven true for me…

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