begin w/ SR20

As a beginning pilot I am looking at airplanes. Any opinions on taking delivery of an SR20 with about 75 hours. I really like the plane, but I’m concerned it may be too much plane for me at this time.

This subject has been covered with numerous discussions in the past but I believe many of the posts were on the member’s forum where only COPA members can participate.
The fact that you are asking the question tells me you are a conscientious pilot.
There are numerous theories used to answer your question.
I would submit that the answer varies from one person to the next. I personally found the Cirrus aircraft easier to fly than many models I have flown in the past. The systems are logical, the safety features are better and, in crosswinds, I think the plane is easier to fly than most trainers. But the real issue is training. If you learn to fly a Cirrus with an instructor who knows the plane well, I would submit that the plane would far from too much for you to handle. There are tons of examples of pilots who rapidly transition to VERY high performance airplanes early in their flying careers (military). Anyone can learn to fly any airplane if they are taght correctly and you have the right attitude. I see nothing about the Cirrus that departs from any of these principals and, in fact, I see many features that would make a Cirrus transition easier than most.
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I am sorry David. I just realized you already are a COPA member. Look at the past posts for other thoughts.

bought a cirrus and started as a student w/40 hrs. took my checkride in it and now on my instrument. flown newer 172’s, 182’s, and piper arrows and warriors. to me the cirrus is easy to fly and i prefer the low wing - can actually see the runway on base to final. with a good instructor (there are many listed in the marketplace section) helping on the transition training i think it is a safe, great plane to fly. btw, i have 125 total hrs and never have regretted going with the sr20

Do not let the panel get the better of you. The flying properties are forgiving and like no other. The panel will come with training. Lots of luck …Ed

Possibly germane to this thread is the latest issue of AOPA Pilot. Big spread on the “new” Cessna 172P that you can buy for about the same as the basic SR 20. Pictures show a panel almost as nice as you can get in a SR20, interior almost as nice… but 10" narrower, and the “new graphics” offered by Cessna. Performance wise the 172@ SP is almost as fast as the SR-20…just 38 knots slower, and the 172 SP has nearly the same useful load…just 200 lbs less than the SR 20. There is a big plus with the 172 SP, that is the promise that the BRS Parachure system will be STC’d for the 172 in the near future…just will cost $20,000 to put in, the SR 20 cannot offer a retofit chute.

IMHO, if the SR 20 drove like a dump truck ( it don’t) , you would be nuts to pay the same price for an antique.

Dave Dillehay
SR22 #494