SR-20 Use or rent

I’m a VFR PPL in the SF Bay and I was wondering is anyone in the area who owns a SR-20 and isn’t flying it that much would be interested in someone (in this case me) renting it from you from time to time.

Although I received my PPL over 10 years ago I’ve only managed to rack up 160 hours due to various financial new marriage, new babies, and new house issues.

Fortunately I foresee have some extra time and money to spend on flying this year and I would love to able to do that in something more modern and fun.

As far as I know there are no Cirrus aircraft on any line in the Bay Area. It’s not hard to imagine why considering the cost of doing business here.

Let me know Thanks!

I though this post best fit here and not the marketplace feel free to tell me if that is not the case


I hope that you find the opportunity you are looking for.

They are great planes. I rent mine out, but its a little far from the Bay area.

I pondered the question of keeping it all to myself, or renting it out. In the end the group that rent mine are all excellent folks, who not only help with the running costs but are good flying buddies.

That outweighs the extra wear on the aircraft, and having to juggle schedules to keep everyone happy.

I use to reserve the plane!

Good luck