Bad Rivets found


N706CD, serial number 0009 has bad rivets. It is an early plane, delivered on May 2, 2001. Rudder assembly was fine, but the Elevator has the softer ones and is being reworked now. Cirrus and Corporate Jets (the authorized shop) have been quite responsive so far. The hour estimate seems to be hopelessly optimistic and they are talking now about sending the elvator back to the factory, will keep you posted. And if you have a low numbered plane, heads up.


So sorry to here about that.I got mine inspested today all is good. It is no 1150 sr20 .way after yours in delivery, I hope it goes well for all im sure the rivet supler will have to pick up the tab. and they should give you planre to use I rely dont understand how things like this can happen. From Don

Just a quick update. Repair required a new part from Cirrus, the front enclosure for the right side of the elevator (which is where all the bad rivets were). A and P says he had to remove that skin to do the repair and that is was so hard to remove it is not reusable. Sounds weird and I have not gone over to see it, so its hard to comment.

At any rate, Cirrus is shipping out a new panel, but they need to paint it and with the holidays do not expect to ship it until late next week.

Plane is being fixed and all with a smile, but I have to say I do not appreciate being without my baby for 2 weeks during what is prime flying time. Living in Phoenix, the weather is usually great for flying and I am off, but… Fortunately I have 1/2 interest in a Tiger, so my plane may be grounded, but I am not.