Award for Terzio

Congrats to Ralph Moellers, CEO of Terzio,German Children’s Software Award. They outperformed Sim City 4, which was rank two, and made rank three as well with another title!

Hey, they run on Macs as well!! [;)]
Hats off!


That’s great news! I’ve had the pleasure of looking at some Terzio software, and it’s really superbly done with first-class pedagogy. Kudos to Ralph!


Congrats Ralph!

Nice job!

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Congrats to Ralph Moellers, CEO of Terzio, a publisher of edutainment software. His company won for the second time consecutively the German Children’s Software Award.

Congratulations! Having met you, I can tell everyone that this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Does this mean you’ll be visiting us in the USA on business a lot from now on? I hope so!

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This lucky guy earned one more at this years Frankfurt Book Fair:
the special prize, the Golden GigaMaus for the best software of the year awarded by a German family mag Eltern and Hewlett-Packard for games and educational software.

Good Job Ralph!


Wilfried, I am just back from Frankfurt and wasn’t online for a week. Thank you very much for this flattering post. Our editorial team and the programers (and the author of the book, Mr. Enzensberger) deserve all the praise.
This thread is just too much!


I have no idea what all the fuzz is about, except that it is about YOU. Congrats to whatever you achieved.



I’m not sure how much is involved. Maybe a little - we all need that.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen this way…

I imagine there was a lot more of this…

and some of this…

and a lot of this…

but none of that will surprise most of us, who will do almost anything to do this:

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Mike, I wrote that this guy is lucky to earn the success he deserves for his hard work since many of us run dry despite the efforts and pain you put so nice into pictures.



Yes, you did say “earned” – no worries, nothing negative aimed at you… I’ve met Ralph, and I just wanted to emphasize what a hard-working fellow and all-around nice guy he is for all to see, while having a little fun with pictures.

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Wow!!! What is all this about?!?!
Thanks a lot for all the kudos and praise. Let’s face it, I don’t deserve it, our team does.
And it’s quite “off topic” … but it sure feels good (almost as good as flying).
Cheers and thanks to you all.


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This thread is just too much!

not quite; you could provide some English links to the software and the book; couldn’t find them on your site :wink:


P.S.: do you occasionally check your private messages? Sent you one plus also regular eMail, were they ever delivered?