audio traffic alert details in 2007 cirrus


I own a 2007 SR22T with Avydine EX5000 + Garmin 430.
When there are traffic alerts, text appears on the MFD describing the traffic ( distance and direction ), however the audio alert is only “Traffic Traffic”.

I flew in another 2007 cirrus the other day and the audio traffic alert there was more informative - they contained the distance and direction of the traffic in the audio alert.

In order to figure out how this is done, I tried to look at the configuration pages but did not find anything relevant.

Does anyone know what needs to be done in order for the audio traffic alerts to be more informative than “traffic traffic”?

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First-generation traffic systems only provide a “Traffic Traffic” audible alert. This is what the skywatch system does.

There are other traffic alert systems. Which are capable of “Heads-Up” Audible Position Alerting, which verbally indicates the conflicting aircraft’s bearing, range and relative altitude.


Avidyne’s SkyTrax600
GTS 800 on perspective planes
L3 Lynx NGT-9000+ can replace the skywatch system

The other plane you flew likely had one of these. There are Possibly other systems out there.

It could have also had ForeFlight connected to the audio system (via Bluetooth or hard line) as it provides traffic alerts as well if a ADSb receiver is connected.

If you really want to upgrade your skywatch, the most cost effective way is to install the NGT 9000+ when doing your ADSb upgrade. It also has the added benefit of being diversity ready for satellite based ADSB which may be required in Canada and other airspace’s in the future.

There is an audio upgrade available for the Skywatch that is relatively inexpensive

Thanks Eric - Great info, I will check my options…

Thanks John,

Do you have more details about the upgrade? is it available directly from L3?

The upgrade is called “VIP”, and it causes the Skywatch to announce more information about perceived threats than just “traffic traffic”.

Skywatch is now a product of L-3, the same people who produce the Lynx transponder.

The software upgrade is straightforward; you might want the installation to include a switch allowing you to go back to “traffic traffic” in those cases, for example in the traffic pattern, that the Skywatch is blathering endlessly and not letting you hear ATC. Another hardware option is having Skywatch connected to your flap switch, which also helps in the pattern.

Way back when some had the audio wired through an unused switch on the audio panel. Some avionics shops will tell you that isn’t allowed - that you aren’t allowed to mute the audio. In that case ask it to be wired to a momentary switch if you don’t want the flap modification.

In my 2005 SR22, the Skywatch announces “traffic, traffic,” and a message appears on my MFD right hand bottom with specifics about distance and direction. I am not sure what version of Skywatch it is.

Thanks Bill, exactly the information I was looking for.

What a great forum :slight_smile:

To help a shop get a hold of this. Cirrus Service Advisory SA 07-02 calls out the following applicable L3 publications:

Service Bulletin SB805-10800-204 Rev. A:
This Service Bulletin provides for the optional installation of the ViP™ Extended Audio Callouts: a product
enhancement that increases the voice memory of the SKYWATCH System and allows for aural warnings that
indicated direction and distance within an eleven mile range. Modification of the SKYWATCH processor, wire
harness, and a software update is required for this installation.
Service Letter SL-216 Rev. A:
This Service Letter provides instructions to modify aircraft with ViP™ Extended Audio Callout already installed
to reduce SKYWATCH audio volume relative to other aircraft audio. This modification is achieved through the
installation of a resistor.

I have no idea if anybody is still supporting this upgrade. I seem to remember L3 sold this product line to Extant (the company that was also servicing old Avidyne products). Not sure if that is still in place, you’ll have to do some digging. As always please post back what you find to help others.

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