I have a 2006 SR22. Anyone experiencing this?

No verbal or text “Traffic Alerts”. Traffic shows up on MFD Map Page, but I never get the normal alerts.

Sensor is working, warranty shop says it is stuck in “Low Sensitivty-Flaps Down Mode” (this was added to keep traffic alerts off in the pattern). Problem is … no one can find out exactly why it is stuck in this mode.

Every now and then it “snaps out” of low sensitivity mode but only for a little while.

Would like to know if anyone else has experienced this.

I looked at having that upgrade done to my 2005 model, and decided against it because of the cost. What was driving the cost up was that the flap position switch needed to be replaced with a new one that put the traffic system into low sensitivity. I would therefor assume that there is a failure of that switch. Should be a warranty item.


If you have a 2006 SR22, you should REALLY spend the $50 to join COPA. If you are already a member, you would be better off posting questions like this on the member forum. The participation and information is huge over there compared to the public “guest” forums. Just a thought.

Jim Knollenberg SR20 1281 N814

If you have a 2006 SR22, you should REALLY spend the $50 to join COPA…

Tom, I concur. There are now over 2000 COPA members, and the most useful information for owners is on the member’s side. I rarely cruise over here on the guest side. But I will tell you that not having the audible traffic alerts is a real safety issue. Are you getting audible terrain alerts, like “500 feet” or if you have been very sloppy on the approach “SINK RATE< SINK RATE”? If you are not getting these alerts, that would be a real safety problem. If your current cirrus service center can’t fix this problem, my suggestion is call the local Cirrus service field rep for your area, or take the plane to another service center. they are not all equally skilled. On the member’s side it might be a good question as to which nearbly service center has experience with troubleshooting and fixing this glitch.