Attention Cessna Bashers

To those of you who have been bashing Cessna recently on this site: It may be time to eat some crow.

I recently read about Cessna’s improvements for the 182 for 2003.

While all “Johnny-come-lately” engineers could come with on the SR22 was Ice Protection and a PFD, Cessna engineers were burning the midnight oil.

You guessed it!! The 2003 Skylane will be sporting a new paint scheme, a beefier 95-amp alternator, a 12-volt convenience outlet, AND a polished spinner.

Wow, again its amazing how they are so “cutting edge”…Ed

I dunno, but, I think that I vaguely remember somewhere in my psych 101 class that people who have the perpetual need to “diss” other people or products often have some large and occult insecurities about themselves or their own products…Could this be possibly true?

Not in my case, I owned a 1998 172r and boy am I glad that pig is on another ranch…>Ed