Arnav engine monitoring, CHT temps

After Arnav monitoring installation, my factory CHT gauge now erroneously reads about 50 degrees cooler. I understand the probe position changed slightly with the addition of a spacer. Do others have the same experience, and what if anything have you done about it. I don’t really need it, but being kind of compulsive . . . Thanks, Dave


I recently installed a JPI in my 260SE, and as such the original factory Cessna probe was in place where the JPI probe should go. Thanks to the FAA, I’m not allowed to move the original cessna probe, so in that cyl, the JPI is put in a slightly different position. The end result: that JPI probe reads 30 hotter than actual.

My point is that engine temp probes are calibrated for very specific places. I don’t know anyone in any airplane that has an “original” CHT and a “aftermarket” engine monitor that has both working.

Just make sure you know which one (the ARNAV) is accurate and go from there.