AOPA Fly-In this Saturday

Just a reminder, for those of you who didn’t see the previous post.
My wife Robin and I will be hosting a very informal, small get-together in my hangar (D-8) and Brian & Elaine Turrisi’s hangar (D-9), at Frederick during the AOPA Fly-In this Saturday.
Nothing fancy is planned - just some soft drinks and chips, etc. My plane will be there if you want to see how 18 months (12 of which were unhangared) and 200+ hours takes its toll on a plane. [:)]
Time will be at 1 pm. I understand Ian will try to drop by to give us an update and answer some questions.

The attached map shows the location of hangars D-8 and D-9. Even without the map, though, you can easily see the “D” row of hangars from the AOPA grounds.

If you’re flying in, please read the procedures or NOTAMs regarding the event; they can be found on the AOPA Web Site.

The rest of the day I’ll be working at the Satellink Technologies booth and/or static aircraft display, so stop by and say Hi if you’re in exhibitor’s tent!


Also, I’m sure this goes without saying considering that we’re all pilots. But just in case – or in case some of you are coming with small kids, etc. – keep in mind that these are just regular hangars which happen to be close to the AOPA show, but aren’t actually PART of the AOPA show.

So watch out for moving/taxiing aircraft, etc.