Aopa convention november CA.

Going to convention from NJ. Flying into San Fran or San JOSE.

looking for anyone with a cirrus that may be flying back to San Diego OR Carlsbad area friday afternoon or evening. Will share expenses and or flight duty. staying at friends for weekend , then back to Jersey on monday on commercial airline.

current IFR rated owner of SR20 gts back here in NJ @ KBLM>

please advise.


I will be in San Jose, and a stop in Carlsbad on the way home would not be far out of my way. I haven’t finalized my travel dates yet but I’m probably going to go up Friday and come back early Saturday. Also I find the San Jose airports overpriced and unless I’m time limited will be parking the plane at either Livermore or Gilroy and getting a rental car.

Keep us posted, I may be able to help but no promises yet.


I haven’t landed or overnighted at Reid Hillview for many years now, but I don’t recall it being particularly expensive.

You might also consider Palo Alto, 20 minutes from San Jose, which now has Enterprise. And possibly Hayward, which can’t be more than 30 minutes via freeway.

Livermore seems quite out of the way. Gilroy (South County) should work ok, though.

I agree with Sanjay, and am based out of Livermore. Depending on where you are going in San Jose - I would use Palo Alto, South County or reid-Hillview before Livermore.

Thanks Sanjay.

Last time I was at POA it took a while to get a car. If they’re on field that make a big difference.

Reid Hillview is not bad but I was thinking fuel was a rip-off (relatively that is no place has been reasonable for a couple of years), No?


Speaking of AOPA Expo in San Jose…

COPA will soon be announcing two events that will take place at AOPA Expo 2008:

  • There will be a COPA Dinner event on Friday evening, November 7. Details to be announced.

  • Our Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, November 8, in the early afternoon (1:00 or 1:30, TBD)

Watch the COPA main page for official announcements and instructions for signing up for the dinner.

I am based out of Livermore (LVK) so if you guys are coming in and need any assistance or information (beyond what you can find online), feel free to send me a note!


Thank you , I will do that. Right now I"m looking for someone who may be returning to CArlsbad or San Diego to get from San Jose area to Oceanside to stay with friends of mine before flying back to the EAst coast…

fly safe…


I will be giving two technical sessions at AOPA Expo (3pm Thursday and 3pm Saturday), and anytime during the show I would be happy to get together with any COPA members who have questions about maintenance, engines, SAMM, etc. I’ll certainly try to attend the COPA dinner and annual meeting when they’re announced.