Seeking Cirrus Introduction in MD/VA/DC area


Some pilot-friends and I are thinking of getting together to get an aircraft, and a Cirrus is one of the top choices we are looking at. Unfortunately, our only access is through folks who have a financial interest in us choosing a Cirrus. Not saying it’s not a good choice, but looking to get in touch with someone with real-world experience.

We’re looking for someone in the area (MD/VA/DC…we fly out of KGAI) who is an owner and who would be willing to give a us an hour or two to chat about their ownership experience and check out their Cirrus in person. Happy to cover fuel if you’re willing to take us up for a bit too.



I used to be based both at GAI and Frederick Maryland but I moved south 5 years ago. Why not contact Boni Caldieri who is based right in the area as he is the director of sales for that entire region. I am sure he could arrange a demo ride for you.

Hi Georg: Sent you a PM.