Airport Courtesy Cars App Closing?

IMPORTANT! If you are a user of the app version of Airport Courtesy Cars, please view it for an important message about the possible closure of the app, or view the page here:

Great app. I’m sending in my donation.

No luck finding the PayPal link…

"If your so inclined you can also send a check made out to:

Airport Courtesy Cars, LLC

or use the PayPal link within the app."

If you are viewing on a phone it is just below the fuel and other discounts link, yellow button that says “Donate”, on the List of States (main) page. Thanks for trying. Glenn

Thanks - on the “list by states” page.

Donation sent… great app! Well worth the $2.00 donation.

I sent him $5.


I am happy to report that thanks to donations, the site continues. View the donors or add your name by clicking here: Thanks, Glenn