Airport Courtesy Car App Update

Did you get a new phone for Christmas? A friend did, he went from Android to iPhone, and his carrier moved his old phone apps to his new phone. I noticed the app didn’t have the latest listings. So he deleted the app and reinstalled it from the apple phone store and it was up to date. So if you went from one operating system to another, and your carrier did the transfer for you, please do what my friend did, delete and reinstall from your new phone. Happy Holidays. Glenn


What APP is that? it sounds interesting, but i can’t seem to find anything on it

thanks [^o)]

This one!

And for us Droid folks?

Thanks Tony. Still getting new listings and businesses buying discount coupons for pilots every day…

I downloaded the app on my Droid, but it shows no courtesy cars at SBA. I know that both Atlantic and Signature there have courtesy cars.

This is a case of me not knowing and you telling me! Give me a few minutes and I will get the location added! (and I am not sure about Droid, but with the iPhones to get the latest entries you have to close the app and reopen it). Keep those missing entries coming! Glenn

Santa Barbara cars added…

It is simple to get the “Airport Courtesy Cars” app on your iPad now. Go to the app store on your iPad. On the top where it says ‘iPad apps”, change that drop down menu to “iPhone” and do the search. The app will show and you can now download it with all the same phone features. The app now lists over 1100 locations nationwide. Any questions just ask at

Quick update, 18,000 launches, more discounts being added for users, more positive national press coverage and keeping it free to pilots. Thanks, Glenn

Thank you iPhone users for waiting out the IOS 9 upgrade while the Airport Courtesy Car app was down. The app is back up for all users and the layout and look of the app has been upgraded also. The listings continue to grow, currently at over 1,520, and approaches 25,000 launches. Please continue to send in listings I have missed or corrections that need to be made and I will get right on them. And if you use and like the app, please consider a small donation to help with expenses, even the tip that you leave on the lunch counter is appreciated. There are PayPal links on the app, and my mailing address is also listed within the app. Glenn

PS: Also wanted to mention the app now has a search function that many people asked for.

We just completed a major upgrade to Airport Courtesy Cars App, which now makes the app available on ALL devices, including the web. Please upgrade your app to the latest version. If your phone does not support the app, then go to our new website, The site is mobile friendly and you can place its icon to your phone or tablet screen. Both versions show Google maps for each state, the app version still shows the entire US map which some people prefer. The site currently lists over 1560 cars. Thanks for your input and contact us with any questions, new listings, or corrections to And please check out our advertisers and FBO’s who offer you fuel discounts. The app remains free.

I saw your website. Am using a courtesy car from Landmark at KSDL as I type this. Thanks for doing this. I am interested in understanding your business model.

Your welcome, glad to answer any questions at Glenn