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This is not about a CD but we can use your help as well! Last Thursday a friend of mine had his plane stolen and he is asking for help to see if it can be located. It is a Cessna 182 in excellent conditions, red and black stripes on white, with a newly overhauled PennYan Engine. The picture is attached and following is his original request with details:

"On Thursday 8/14/03 my aircraft, a Cessna 182 N2504R, was stolen from Lakewood, NJ between 5:15 and 9:00 AM. I would appreciate it you see it, that you give me a call at 201 445-0882. Please send this to everyone you can.


Al Paul"

I recently had a HORRIBLE experience at this airport and would not recommend anyone using that facility. If you are in need of travel to that part of New Jersey, use Toms River or Monmouth County but NOT Lakewood!

Looks like it could hold quite a few kilos! :slight_smile:

Sorry - I’m sure the victim would find little humour. I hope he can be made whole by his insurance.

I just received the following note and wanted to thank all who looked out for the stolen plane. I was told that my friend was part of a very selected group as in the whole country there are an average of a mere 11 planes stolen each year!

"My plane has been found in Springfield, Minn. I have been told by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s office that they found it. The person who stole it is in jail. He was using it and so it is intact. I would like to thank all of you for your help in finding it. Please forward this to any one you sent it to.

Thank you

Al Paul"

It would be good if both of you were to make reports on Airnav so the general pilot population is warned.


Alraedy sent Airnav a report about a week ago. The guy that runs the airport there is an SOB and that is being kind!

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The guy that runs the airport there is an SOB and that is being kind!

Sounds like there is an interesting story here! Care to share for amusement?


If the airport in question is N12, nothing has yet appeared on the page for that airport. Perhaps you could share the story with us…


Out of respect for the COPA member who actually has his Cirrus based at N12 (who I have already relayed the details of my visit), I would prefer not to go into the details on this public forum. The issue is being handled “internally”.

Let me just say, that in 30 years of flying, I have never been told by anyone delivering service at any airport that I should “take my plane elsewhere” after landing.

Be careful on relying on comments posted on Airnav. You don’t know that some of the favorable/unfavorable comments made on the site are not being made by “friends/foes of the airport/FBO” etc.

AL: I’m very happy that your friend got his plane back intact. The story brought back memories of the planes stolen in the 80s in Florida for use in the drug trade. not many were recovered and those that were were not in good condition.

Another round of applause for those great Cessna locks.

Like the Cirrus locks are any better?

I think there are 4 sets of different keys. At one flyin I was able to open 5-6 planes just for fun


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I think there are 4 sets of different keys.


It’s more than four, but way less than a lot - judging by the number of Cirrus keys on my A&P’s keychain! I’d bet that 16 or 32 is about right.

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At one flyin I was able to open 5-6 planes just for fun


COPA is not responsible for valuables left in your airplane at any fly-in at which Mason is present… [;)]

  • Mike.

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I think there are 4 sets of different keys.


I think the same is true for some hangars. One day when I was more brain dead then usual, I walked over to my hangar door, unlocked it and realized I had opened the hangar next to me. I tried several other doors in the immediate area and could open up 25% of them!


Who needs a key! I haven’t had my hangar key in almost a year. I use my company id card without breaking stride!