Aircraft arrived safely in Maui

13 hrs 11 minutes. Aloha!

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13 hrs 11 minutes. Aloha!


Somehow, it seems different and amazing - that is, the journey home. We hope you have many hours of pleasure flying in paradise.

David Schwietert 203 RF PFD/TKS

Fabulous! How does it look? Any problems with the flight?



When you have time… if you could post details like fuel remaining, any problems found in flight, oil consumption, LOP performance (I assume it was flown LOP!)…

In fact… if you have a (presumably rather large) Emax file… I know that it would be fascinating to look at!

I wish you a wonderful, trouble-free and SAFE ownership experience.

  • Mike.

Well, now that you know how its done, you’ve got the opportunity to go for the ‘Farthest Distance’ at this summer’s Migration! [;)]


An SR22 on Maui sounds like double paradise!

I usually spend some time in Kaanapali in the Fall, and sometimes rent the Archer at Maui Aviators. But if I make it this year you are on my must call list, would love to see your plane and bum a ride.

Good luck, and enjoy the G2!

Chuck Hull

Laurence - Congratulations and have fun with the new plane! How many airports are there in the islands. How long does it take to fly from one end to the next?

My wife and I were in Maui two years ago. I rented a 172 and brought an instructor. It was the most fabulous experience. We originally planned on an hour or so. We flew over 6 hours with many island hops. It was the best and I strongly encourage anyone visiting to not miss the opportunity.

14 airports and I have no idea still in training!

How 'bout some pics with Haleakala in the background!

Brian Fowler SR20 #1393