Air Orlando - Transistion Training

It took a week to accomplish the "honey do"s and other “catch up items”, and now I want to give a pirep on AIR ORLANDO and their transition training on the SR22. IT’S GREAT! Being a DPE, I wanted to know more about the SR 20 and SR 22 in order to administer a Flight Check. Aw heck, let’s tell the truth, I wanted to be put on my son’s SR22 insurance policy so I could fly FREE! (Greg Scoggins@Charlotte) I contacted Brandon Bryant at Air Orllando and requested the FULL course and got what I asked. I spent 9.7 hrs pushing the wrong buttons at the right time and the right buttons at the wrong time. Brandon is a professional instructor that quickly analyzes his student and provides instruction to accomplish the required learning outcome. The entire staff make you feel that you are a part of the organization, and they appreciate your business. I was on the schedule Fri, Sat, Sun a week ago, so weekend flying is not a problem with them. The facilities are outstanding. A pilot shop with anything you want. They rent multi-engine, single engine, single engine retractable, helicopters, and have a full motion simulator for addition instrument training. If you need any of those services - CHECK OUT AIR ORLANDO - ORLANDO, FL