Advice for SR22 Demo Flight

I’m going on a demo flight tomorrow in an SR22 and am excited! I’ve seen a Cirrus before, but never flown in or even looked in one up close. I’m looking to buy something and the SR22 is currently at the top of the list.

Any advice for how to best use my time? What questions should I ask, what features should I be sure to look at or try out?

Make them demo your mission whatever that is. If you’re not flying a G1000, you will be overwhelmed by the magic factor. The perspective cockpit has at least twice as many features as the 737 I used to fly.

Do some cruise at low and higher altitudes. I’m sure he will demonstrate all the features of the autopilot. I only had 1 hour in a Cirrus before I bought mine. It has exceeded expectations in the first 20 hours I’ve flown it. Have fun.

What questions should I ask? How much do you need me to write the check for? When can I expect delivery?

What features should I be sure to look at or try out? All of the features. Have fun. Try not to sample the parachute feature.

What Dennis said.

I think the hardest part wil be explaining to your friends why you have silly grin on your face all next week.

Dustin you ask a great question. No doubt that you will have a great time, and walk away impressed. And frankly, there’s really nothing else for comparison, as nothing else has CAPS.

With that said, consider the A/C option and whether you’ll want it. Taxi with the doors open as if it’s a 100 degree day and you don’t have A/C. Consider the fishbowl effect if the day is sunny in cruise. It’s a decision you’ll face.

Get into the tables and really work out a typical trip with typical loading, looking at what weight in options you can tolerate. Compare turbo vs. NA for time and loading on the same mission.

Be prepared for the side stick. It’s unusual, and the Cirrus control feedback is unique. Be cognizant and see if you feel comfortable after some time. Don’t use the autopilot at all. It’s brilliant, by the way.

Here’s everything I think is bad about a Cirrus. See if you can dismiss after you experience:

Springy controls.

Touchy door latches

Drummy, plasticky noise level (noise canceling headsets!)

Single “power lever”

Cockpit baking

That’s really all there is not to like. Personally, these issues nagged but didn’t keep me from enjoying the airplane, and it’s really the only SEP I would fly.

Keep your poker face. You can negotiate!

For counterpoint, prior to my demo flight (a couple hours paid csip instruction in a rental) I was fixated on the side stick since all my time was behind Cessnas. Reflecting once back on the ground, I realized I had not thought about it for a second and that it was completely natural. I’ll add that I was dead set on buying an Ovation at the time and took the flight mostly to rule out the Cirrus, then called a friend the same day and bought his sr22, which I’m still flying nearly 10 years later.

It’s tomorrow! We all want to know how you enjoyed your demo flight (and when your delivery date is!)

And don’t forget to Join (Re-join?) COPA!!

Fully agree. I know a Cirrus salesman who likes to play it like this:

Prospective customer: “Well, I’m sure the sidestick must take some time getting used to.”

Salesman, deadpan: “On average, it takes about 30…” (pause for effect)

Customer: “Yeah, sure…”

Salesman: “…seconds.”

Same for me in 2001 when Tom Bergeron took me on a demo flight in Santa Barbara. I’d say the side stick “transition” took perhaps 10 seconds. In my Cirri and my Eclipse, I love not having a yoke in my lap.

I couldn’t agree more. I know there are some that don’t care for the side stick.

For me, it’s very intuitive. It makes me feel like I am an extension of the plane. I love it.

Overall, great experience. I love the plane as much in person as online. It’s definitely a lot of airplane and bigger than I imagined. Comfy and feels like plenty of power. Wish I had spent more time hand flying it though…

So, I took your advice to join. I tried looking at the threads in some of the forums, but keep getting an error message, “There are no posts to show. This could be because there are no posts in this forum or due to a filter.” Frustrating.

Will need to figure out new SR22 vs used, for which some have suggested a G2. Have lots (LOTS) of questions and need advice if I’m going to look at used. Wondering if I shouldn’t just start a new thread. I’ve tried searching to see what folks had done in terms of updates and refurbishment to other SR22 G2’s, but haven’t found much on the site.

Open to suggestions. Thanks

Go to the forums and follow them and you will see as much as you can stand.

Click on “Forums.” Each forum category will say “Join Topic” if you have not joined or “Leave Topic” if you have joined before but want to leave it. You will see all the posts in the forums (Topics) you have joined.