ADSB Option

UAvionix as some know, has a wingtip ADSB out option for sale for experimental. They are looking for certified interest for STC. I filled in their form on the website for my 2000 SR20. If anyone has an older Cirrus this is a great option and simple to install if we can get enough interest. The more interest the faster it happens usually.

They don’t have the1090 we need in Europe

I like UAvionix and have one of their Echo UAT devices for my RV.

I spoke with them about Cirrus support. While they are interested in supporting all types one problem will be for us is the wingtip light on a Cirrus is both a position light as well as a strobe.

Since strobes are required by our TC the product we must have will require more development to fit the strobes into their product. They know that and are looking at doing that.

I wasn’t hopeful they had enough time to develop this prior to the mandate but do agree that the more support and interest we show the more likely we get prioritization.

According to their web site a version with strobe is under development, but they are not planning one with a rear position light. Would a single rear light on one wing be acceptable? And it would be unfortunate if the strobe didn’t sync with the opposite wingtip.

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Samsung SM-T820

I also like uAvionix as a company too, they have some good ideas so I’m hoping that they take their FYXNav and have it able to be connected to (e.g.) A GTX330ES to allow ADS-B out. I have looked at having an approved GPS source fitted to my plane but the total cost would be more than just replacing the transponder with one that has a WAAS GPS source built in, especially if I was to sell the original GTX330…


I am not sure. My gut says no, Part 23 certification requirements get int he way. Maybe a waiver is possible.