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I have a SR22 G1 with Skywatch and 430W and was wondering is there a ADS-B in/out solution that will allow the use of my skywatch in conjunction with the ADS-B in traffic.

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John you may want to check out this thread, others had a similar question recently. It seems that there are options but both traffic sources may not show on MFD together.

There are two options you can consider; one is to replace your transponder and Skywatch with an L3 NGT9000+. I have one of those it it works well, and displays merged traffic on the MFD, albeit without the ADS-B symbology (but this is displayed on the NGT itself.)

An alternative that should also work, but which I have not tested nor am I aware of anyone who has installed one yet, is to replace the transponder with a GTX345. The published information says it can receive TAS traffic from Skywatch, merge it with ADS-B in and retransmit. You will not get any ADS-B specific data on the MFD but it should display all traffic the same way as your Skywatch does now.

The first option will also save around 10lbs with removal of the Skywatch processor. The second option would be cheaper.

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Thanks for the reply. This gives me some options to think about.