ADS-B upgrade

Has anyone upgraded to ADS-B in/out with Avidyne MFD and Skywatch?

  1. If so, do you show traffic on your MFD post-upgrade?

  2. Did you remove Skywatch? (I kept Skywatch but it’s now failing and I don’t see any traffic on the MFD…)

I removed my Skywatch and installed a Lynx 9000+ (which includes the same Skywatch inside its own box). The Lynx merges the targets derived from the Skywatch TAS and its own dual-band ADS-B In receiver, and displays them on my Avidyne MFD. The target icons remain the traditional type on the MFD, showing location and relative altitude. Enhanced traffic icons (including arrows displaying direction) for the same targets are also displayed on the Lynx’s own screens.

I did the same as Wally.

I highly recommend especially in your situation with skywatch.

I will also add it had WiFi and displays traffic on the iPad along with weather data.

If your going to do it and have 430W or newer Garmins I would also add The flightstream 210

Yes. Connecting the existing Skywatch to a GTX 345 allows it to display “merged” traffic including both active from Skywatch and ADS-B In. Today that displays on WAAS based Garmin navigators and iPads. MFD release 8.2.2 should allow display in the MFD as well.

No reason to remove a working Skywatch, unless you are replacing it with a Lynx.

Post 2020, depending on where you fly, Skywatch may become unnecessary. It’s safe to say if you have a broken Skywatch today, and still want Active Traffic going forward, the Lynx product is a better approach than paying for a Skywatch repair.

I was hoping that one of the members here could maybe post a video clip of what it actually looks like while in flight . The traffic on the MFD pages and the working 345.