There was some discussion a while back on the need for ADF & DME in European Class A airspace. I am close to ordering a new SR22 G2 but would like to be sure that I can somehow fit ADF and DME (? and second analogue altimeter). Does anyone know if this can now be done ? I read in Flyer mag that Cirrus were offering European buyers a fix, but I can’t find anyone who knows exactly what it will comprise. If there is a recognised fix, how does the ADF display? I assume we are only concerned with the KR87 ADF and the KN 62/64 DME 0 or possibly the KN 63 with 582 indicator ? Or are Avidyne manufacturing their own modules for interface with the Entegra PFD ?

I just ordered my SR22 3 weeks ago. According to General Enterprise there should be a DME solution within the copilot’s bolster. I have no idea where to put an ADF indicator with the Entegra suit. After talking to Avidyne at Oshkosh last year I doubt that there will be an ADF integration into their products, ever. On the other hand, as I learned, there are only a few airspace left in Europe which require an ADF.
I think that the altimeter inside the PDF constitutes as the first and the backup altimeter as the second one. This should suffice the requirements.