A kudo for the ARNAV folks

A note of appreciation for the folks at ARNAV, who showed me today a fine example of customer service.

My SR20 (ser# 34, delivered May 7, N144CD) is currently puttered around by me in the Pacific North West (supervised by Saul from Wings Aloft) before being flown back to Bangor to be ferried to my homebase in Europe (watch this space for reports). Naturally, I had the IntÂ’l database installed ex factory, which isnÂ’t very helpful to find your way around US airspace.

Since ARNAV is headquartered just south of Seattle, we gave ‘m a call to see if we could do a temporary card exchange to have the US version while around. Robin at ARNAV had a better idea: Fly down here and we’ll give you the worldwide database and one of our folks will install it in minutes. (Note: I wasn’t aware that a WW database existed).

Sure enough: After we landed, the welcoming committee was ready with tools and cards. It didn’t take ‘m very long to get the SeaTac class B airspace lightening up on the screen. What took longest, was talking to all the aviation people that flocked to N144CD to see in real life what they’ve heard and read about! The unofficial record for “most SR20 crawlers per lunchbreak per airport” definitely goes to Pierce County with a double digit attendance. It stirred up significant excitement, as evidenced by the fact, that the waitress in the airport restaurant presented the check after our lunch with the words “I have had the scoop on you: you came with the goodlooking bird” and she wasn’t referring to my copilot.

Once again, ARNAV: Thanks for the service and keep up the good work!