A great big "thank you"

To the board who made the decision and especially to the IT guys who made it happen, a great big “thank you” for the transition to this new forum software.

I gotta tell you, honestly, at first I didn’t like it, but now that we’ve had a couple of months to “test drive” it, I absolutely love it. It is the BEST!

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I liked it from practically the beginning. I needed a few minutes to get familiar, but that came very quickly. I still miss greatly the member search. That is a big gap today, the only one from my perspective.


I agree, the upgrade has been very nice.
There are only a few things I have noticed I do not like.

  1. Getting to user preferences when in the forum is always a multi-click process, that I have to rediscover the secret too each time my dark theme gets messed up.
  2. The system keeps switching back to the light theme.
  3. The “disable dark theme automatic switch” is about a poorly named thing as possible. It also is a feature/solution looking for a problem.

In the grand scheme of things, these really are minor things.


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