A fine idea for all pilots

From http://www.aviatorsguide.com/destination/0703/0703_oshkosh.htmAviator’s Guide magazine:
Wherever you plan to go to round out an AirVenture vacation this year, please donÂ’t visit Chicago.
As you know, AOPA, EAA and many other pilots organizations are fighting the brutally abrupt closure of the historic Meigs field by Mayor Richard M. Daley. Pilots across the country are boycotting Chicago in an effort to show unity with this fight and to demonstrate the economic impact the closure will have on the city.
Pilots across the country have written to their state, federal and local representatives protesting the Meigs issue, but it has had little effect. There have been lawsuits and counter lawsuits, but the runway remains closed.
So wherever you do go this year on your way to or from AirVenture, send a postcard to the editor of the Chicago Tribune, 435 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60611. You need only include a simple message: I would have stopped in Chicago, but instead I stopped here.

Hopefully the result will continue media coverage of the financial and spiritual turmoil Meigs issue has brought to the city of Chicago. Even if it doesnÂ’t change the status of Meigs, enough negative publicity would be a warning mayors in other cities that destroying a local airport is anything but a local issue. And maybe other elected officials will think twice before taking such action.