# 61 Dave and Ed's adventure

This will be in many parts due to the fact that I I love to hear myself talk! Day One: THE ARRIVAL, upon entering the factory you are welcomed by the girls at the front desk,I am sorry for not remembering everyones name but you guys are the best. I can not believe they are just as happy to see you as you are to be there. To them, thank you it is hard enough to be away from my family but the staff can certainly put a smile on your face. (They are way too happy, I think it is something in the water!) After meeting the staff in front, Sherry Renolds (BIG SMILE!) DOES THE WALK THROUGH ON THE PLANE. To my suprise the walk through had been done by the staff before we arrived, and a great job they did. We had 3 items which were handled right away 1.loose carpet in glove box 2.loose arm rest 3.wrinkle in the baffle. So walk through complete, time to show them the money! For some reason you do not feel bad giving Sherry 170k,She reminds me of my wife who asks for a little at a time but you guys get the idea! Now the factory tour, Katie was filling in for Allison who was on a honey moon. (Joke: if husband and wife in Minnisota get divorced are they still brother and sister.) That is for the girls at the front desk who pick on the cheese heads in Wisconsin. The tour was awsome the factory was the cleanist place we went to in minn. If you have any doubt on if this is the plane for you please tour the factory! In the factory we met the big kahuna Alan k. I hope this guy makes a billon bucks,he takes the time to meet with the little people (Dave and I) and he loves what he is doing. When he talks about his company and planes it reminds me of when I talk about my kids. Alan, lots of luck and if in the bay area, dinners on me. (Thats if they read this site, Ha,Ha)Now you will have a test ride with the factory test pilot. I want his job because with the c package all he does is looks at the buttons and the smiles of the owners. Thanks for the ride! Our next worded long winded,babbling entry will cover the training. Till then…ed

tour was awsome the factory was the cleanist place we went to in minn.

Ed: Was 61 your contract number or the abbrev of your serial number (1061)? What was the weight? 2 or 3 blades? Stormscope?
Giving the info out in installments is punishing!
I had the opportunity to tour the factory just prior to Oshkosh. Nobody has said it yet, so I will: surprisingly, Duluth is a fun, neat, dynamite little town. OK, don’t believe it yet… but you will have a great time downtown when you get there. Dinner at Valecio’s (sorry about the misspelling of this restaurant) greeted us with a wine list that nearly as extensive as those of the restaurants here in the Napa Valley, (cost less for the same bottle of Grgich Zinfandel), and served excellent food as well. aa (N204AK)