415PJ's performance log -- a question

Was on Paul’s site to look at a picture when I saw that he’d added a small “performance log” link. He jotted down some numbers from his ferry flight.

My question for you, Paul, or anyone other SR22 owners. It looks like the fuel burn is better than the POH suggests it would be, which is a good thing! Especially on a brand new engine which should burn a little more gas at first anyway. Are you finding this to be true?



Honestly, I haven’t been keeping track well enough. I’ve been waiting for IFR releases on the ground, and my damn gas guy isn’t topping my tanks consistently.

I would say that I am seeing better than POH fuel performance at 6.5 and higher, about the same at 4.5. However, please take these with a large grain of salt, it’s just me looking at the fuel flow gauge.