2022 SR 22T: Is it really 9 knots faster in the cruise?

Hi, I wanted to know if the POH on the 2022 SR22 shows a 9 knot faster cruising speed as disclosed by Cirrus when they announced the improvements for the 2022 Cirrus?

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Short answer is “it is faster”. By how much varies by who you ask, and what altitude they are on and whether you are asking about IAS or TAS.

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You asked a specific question which I interpreted as whether the POH performance tables have been updated since the 2022 models were introduced.

The most recent publicly-available SR22 POH was published in Nov 2021 and therefore pre-dates the 2022 drag reduction/performance improvements. I do not know whether 2022 or 2023 aircraft have been delivered with updated performance tables.

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I don’t have my POH is front of me but the Cirrus Website still shows the pre 2022 update numbers. I think my POH still shows these numbers too.