2012 G3 vs 2013 G5

I remember you telling me this before.

Ross, what then is the reason for the higher flap extension speed on the G5?

In order to keep the G5 on the same type certificate as the G3, the Vs0 speed had to be the same. But the only way to keep the speed the same on a plane 200lb heavier was to increase flap deflection. So the flap system was significantly strengthened to allow for the few extra degrees of deployment deflection. And as a result of that reinforcement, they can also be deployed at a higher airspeed.


The parts were updated in 2011, before the G5 came out.

Right now Iā€™m re-building a 2013 G5 using a 2011 wing, and confirmed with engineering the wing and all related components are the exact same. (Parts manual also states this)


I wonder from what serial?

How interesting to learn that some of the G3s have the same parts as G5 flaps. I wonder how to determine this.