Why is the member marketplace forum public?

Visited the site from a device that was not signed in, saw this, and can read all the threads

It has always been public. It and the guest forum are the only public ones.

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Ahh ok thought it was a :beetle:

It is public as it has been. It provides a wider audience possibly for those posts.

Can non members post or can they only read in Marketplace?

Originally, Marketplace was read only for non members to minimize “junk” or misleading ads

I would vote for making it private. It is a “member” marketplace. If you want broad exposure post on Craigslist.

I recall years ago I responded to a post about something expensive for sale, don’t recall exactly, and it showed up in search engines.

It should still be read-only for non-members.

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+1 on making it private. Google your name and COPA marketplace posts show up. Hard to imagine people are getting a benefit on these posts being public which outweighs the privacy we are giving up

Agree…still agreeing since 2006!

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