Which Autopilot in SR22A

Which autopilot is in the SR22 “A” configuration? The Cirrus web site says it’s the “S-TEC System Fifty X”. I can’t find any info on this autopilot. I’m familiar with the Fifty-Five X used in the SR22 “B” configuraton, but I’d like to understand the capabilities of the “A” config autopilot.

I believe the
“A” auto pilot is essentially a one axis autopilot offering a heading bug and no more. The 55x is almost fully capable 2 axis a/p. It can hold a steady state climb or descent, follow numerous heading sources including the heading but, VOR or GPS (GPSS too). I’m pretty sure that it can fly intercepts and intercept the localizer on final.

With the addition of the altitude preselect box, it can climb or descent to a specific altitude, and level off very smoothly and also fly a coupled ILS approach.

Personally, I’d get the most A/P you can reasonably afford and justify. The SR22 (55x + Alt. preselect) has every ability to fly like the airlines - go on A/P at a few hundred feet of the ground and fly until a few hundred feet before landing. the only think that itis missing is autoland and autothrottles. In certain environments (& I can’t stress this one enough -once you understand it well) it is a great workload reliever.

Conversely, if you are a VFR / sunny day pilot, the STec 20 should be just fine (& save you a boatload of cash).

My $0.02


The sr22a has a 2 axis autopilot that has vert speed control and coupled aproaches. It does not have alt pre select or gpss steering like the b model. After flying with gpss, all other autopilots are like flying in the stone age. :} I would put the latest avionics that my budget would allow. No sense starting with outdated equipment when the plane is new.